Friday, March 4, 2011

art and alike

This morning this was written and posted on our Facebook Treasures by You page. It was written by my sister and studio partner, Vicky (I call her Vix) and I wanted to share:

This morning I was sipping coffee, enjoying the music posted by Cath and reading her blog on being alike, multi tasking as I often do. There it was, the essence of our painting experience.  Alike, yet different.  Just as musicians will sing the same song with their own style we paint the same picture, but no two will be exactly is very exciting to watch our artists interpret the same picture in such completely unique styles while enjoying the camaraderie and being in the moment... and pure joy for me. 

(Click here to read the post she was reading...)

the starry night artists

van goghists

goody 2 shoes artists

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