Saturday, June 11, 2011

flamingo road repaved

We teach our budding artists at the studio that there is more than one way to skin a cat.  Or more specifically, one painting can be interpreted thousands of different ways.  This is because we are each unique humans with our own way of seeing and being.  No two paintings will ever be completely alike.  This is the fun of painting.  The surprise of the creation.  

My last post was of a flamingo, gorgeously photographed and posted on JP Brandano's Photography blog.  (You can find his blog here.)

As I read the comments on the first post, I saw that Eileen from Ferocious Introvert had mentioned the red in the painting made her swoon, and that she liked the description of the steps to create the flamingo, and what I used.  I thought about that comment for a while.  Swoon?  Did that mean she doesn't like red?  There was too much red?  It was too intense?  I was really kind of confused.  But after I chewed on it for a while, I decided two things:
1. I am always going to use Big Girl to photograph my paintings for this blog.  Mainly because using artsy photo apps on my iPhone may look snazzy, but it changes the colors in the painting from what they truly are.  What I end up with is an artsy photo of an artsy looking painting.  Too much artsy fartsy.
2. I wanted to do the flamingo in different colors.  To see what would happen with the feel of it.

So, this morning, I grabbed my paintbrush and Big Girl and started painting and shooting.  And what you see below is the result.  I hang my extra paintings, or paintings I like, at work in my office.  They are ice breakers with my mental health clients, and they turn a drab office into a room awash in stimulating color.

So thanks for your photograph Jim, x2.  I love that photo!  And thanks for making me stop and think Eileen, and go in a bit of a different direction.   Every day is a day to learn something new!

~cath xo

my palette, cool colors this time

outlining the design (an oops on the beak!) :D

filling in the leaves

close up of Brandano Flamingo

closeup of leaves, using dabs and swirls of green, yellow and red (yes, red!)

about halfway finished

pinks and whites of the flamingo plumage

closeup of flamingo

closeup of finished flamingo in pinks

Check out the links on the blogs I mentioned...they are great reading!


  1. oh it was a good swoon. I love all the reds.

  2. Colours are great!
    Wanna try an elephant next time?
    I have heaps of ele photos.

  3. @Eileen: I love reds too but have to be in a red mood, bold and sassy to use them with confidence. Thanks for the comments!

    @Jim: hmmm, an elephant would be great for our teen or kids class. Kids love animals. I just might take you up on that Jim! You have some AWESOME photos on your blog!


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