Thursday, November 3, 2011

art, wine, and chocolate festival

Last month we set up a booth to show people that yes, anyone can paint.  And that the point of it is to have fun!  Two wonderful friends helped us demonstrate just how this happens.  I took photos, and decided to share them here.  You can see Denise and Suzy smiling, and concentrating as they paint, deep in thought as people pass by looking.  They shared their views on painting while they sat, and quite a few people stopped and asked questions.

It was a great day, my sisters and I were all together, and while I painted and Vicky explained to passersby, Dooj fetched our wine (we were lucky enough to be right across from the wine booths!), and Stevie Wonder fetched us chocolate, nuts, and all manner of yummy fare.  It was sheer heaven for me.  Great music, art, wine and chocolate!  What better combination is there?  If you are in Suisun City, California during the first Saturday of October next year, stop by and sample the wonderful wines, and locally made chocolate and art to be discovered and purchased.  You'll be glad you did!
~cath xo


  1. wine, choccies, art, sunshine, beautiful people- what more could a girl want! Niceee!!

  2. @KalpanaS it was an absolutely fabulous time! My sisters and I have made an annual thing out of it. Next year I think we are just going for the chocolate and wine, and skip having the booth. :D


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