Friday, January 28, 2011

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Jerene.  A gifted textile artist, she has trended into painting and multimedia art.  I wanted to share Jerene's work with you, as part of my plan to make this a blog that shares the diversity of artists, and their work.

I've know Jerene for several years as an online friend.  We've chatted about many subjects, and found common ground in music and art.  We share many of the same interests and beliefs.  One of these beliefs is that art is what you make it.  It can be anything really.  It is what speaks to you and through you.

There are many different types of artists.  I follow some artists on Facebook and in blogs who are highly trained, and make their living as professional artists.  I also follow an online art community for women (Milliande) and artists who paint, draw or use whatever media they enjoy exploring, and do it for the pure pleasure of creating something unique.

I think there is room in this world for all types of art, and the artists who create.  Jerene has reinforced this belief as I have watched her evolve over the past 5 or 6 years, and especially in the past year.  I have celebrated her growth and shared her excitement as she took on new ways of expressing her creativity.

the green man, a recurring theme in Jerene's work
 Below you will find samples of Jerene's art taken from her Facebook page, Angel Heart Studio.  I encourage you to visit her page, and view more of her art.  I will enjoy watching her journey continue to unfold, and welcome you to join me.

hand made quilt

night sky 

playing with texture and color



art journal page

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