Sunday, February 13, 2011

a work in progress

If you've been watching my posts, you have seen me paint a couple of pieces of art step by step.  What you don't see is that I am not always sure when I am finished with a painting.  There is the beginning, when I have worked out a design in my head.  I begin to paint.  But I am not always sure where I will end.

Sometimes I stop for a bit, walk away, then come back to it and see immediately what I need to do.  (Just as we take breaks during the classes in the studio.)  When I walk away from a painting for a few minutes, it gives me "fresh" eyes. 

I see where my path lies with the painting, and I am once more focused.  Usually at this point I paint rapidly.  Everything is fresh in my head, I know where I want to go, and I paint fast because I want to see if my hands will lead me where my head has already taken me.  Usually at this point, I paint until I am finished.  Or think I am.  Those of you who follow our Treasures By You Facebook page have seen me post "completed" paintings many times, usually with the caption that it is complete "I think".  And if I say that, then most assuredly it is NOT complete, and I am going to lay a paintbrush on it again.  Sometimes right away, sometimes after I have slept on it overnight (yes, I DO paint in my sleep).  Then I approach it once again, the image clear in my mind, and I know what else needs to be done.  So I begin to add what is usually details at this point, and when I get to a point where I feel the need to stop, I stop.  I have gone too far with many paintings and "overpainted" to the point that the original design, or image I had in mind, is lost.
So I stop once more.  My work has progressed to a point that I must stop.  I look at the painting and think about it.  And do you know when I know it is time to stop?

I look at what I have painted, and a feeling of pleasure washes across me.  Then I know.  The work has progressed.  And it is complete.

*Note: today I am linking you to the Sketchbook Challenge blog I follow.  I don't always have time to participate in these challenges, because my job, and the business I share with my sister just keep me way too busy.  But I find when I follow these blogs, even if I don't pick up a pencil or pen, just looking at the creativity of others keeps my "creative juices" flowing.  SO I encourage you to have a look, leave a comment (if you dare :-)) and HAVE FUN WITH ART! 

See you soon!

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